Sell your wedding dress in Amsterdam with Vindress. With our platform you can sell your new or second-hand wedding dress to newly brides who are looking for a affordable dress.

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Sell wedding dress in Amsterdam

Want to sell your wedding dress nearby Amsterdam after the big day?

If so, you might be wondering:

  • Should I sell my wedding dress locally in Amsterdam?
  • Are there places in Amsterdam that will buy my used wedding dress?
  • What’s the best way to sell my wedding dress?
  • How much are the fees for selling a wedding dress online?
  • How do I ship my wedding dress?
  • Is it safe to sell a wedding dress online?

We understand that selling your wedding dress in Amsterdam brings some questions.

Sell wedding dress in Amsterdam

Sell wedding dress locally in Amsterdam

It’s possible to sell your wedding dress locally in Amsterdam, but bridal stores have a way smaller audience than a bridal platform, like Vindress. Because shopping a wedding dress is a once in a lifetime activity for most people, they are willing to drive a longer distance to buy a wedding dress from the seller. This results in more potential buyers.

Most bridal stores take a 30-50% percentage of the selling price, which makes it quite expensive. Selling on a wedding dress platform is mostly less expensive because they take a fixed price of 20 to 50 euros.

The best way to sell your wedding dress is through a platform like Vindress because the visitors are very relevant. They are active searching for second-hand or cheaper wedding dresses, so they are at the right spot on Vindress.

How to ship my wedding dress to a buyer in Amsterdam?

Congrats! You’ve sold your wedding dress! Now it’s time to meet the buyer. Our advise is always to make a personal appointment on a location of your choice. Vindress is partnering with local bridal stores to organize Dress Dates. This is a great way to get to know each other better and fit the wedding dress. You can optional ask the bridal store to make changes to the dress. And look for nice additional bridal accesories.

Is it safe to sell my wedding dress online?

The main concern of sellers and shoppers is to be scammed. That’s why we advise to meet each other in real life on a safe spot to fit the wedding dress and pay the seller.

If you are ready to sell your Wedding Dress to shoppers from Amsterdam, you can start selling here!